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Book's Day

Week 17/2022

How nice the book day, the truth is that I find it quite exciting, to take the books to the street and see it crowded with people with full bags, gives hope in the capacity of the sector. People love to read and they love books, you know, that new book feeling.

I had a signing session in the morning and it was a great success, it wasn't raining yet and it was still a little warm, but in the afternoon it was a horror, a lot of wind and rain, there was no way.

Last week I did not post an entry because it was very complicated, I had to get to work, we were just coming from Easter and had to do the quarterly tax summary, it is a bit of a pain and an inconvenience but it is what allows us to build a country in decent conditions, you have to get motivated and pay more, to build a country you need money.

The fifth episode of BHIH2 is already in the capable hands of Kike, here is a preview he sent me, this guy is very good. The sixth one is not doing too bad either, the storyboard is almost ready and will be pending the visit to Marcos but the end is near.

Well, not that close, I got a couple of little things from Marvel that I couldn't say no to, I'll announce them when the time comes.

Last week we had a video with Mogorrón, an artist from head to calves (you will understand if you see the video).

On TV I've been feasting on Kaijus but they haven't been up to par:

Alien Invasion (1968) 2/5: The art of this movie is a delight, delicious models and an art direction (and photography) from which Wes Anderson has surely been influenced. The story itself... well, it doesn't have the depth of "Japan under the terror of the monster" but it shows us all the tics and commonplaces of the genre from there on.

Godzilla (2014) 2/5: Very bad, boring and without much sense. The most interesting plot, the scientist, is interrupted in the middle and everything else... is not interesting either. It's like Lost Ark, if the main characters don't do anything, the movie would have ended the same way.

Godzilla King of the Monsters (2019) 2/5:Muddled, messy, not too much sense and with one of my most hated tropes, the eco-terrorists.

I have no process to show because things are unannounced, I leave you the cover for BH&IH2 ep5, it's titled "Open your mind" and I decided to be very literal.

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