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Week 15/2023

Who would have said in 1989 when I was playing D&D for the first time that there would be a good movie of that weird thing.

Yesterday I went to see Dungeons&Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and I had a great time, I went with my family and my group of players, what a nice experience.

I was absolutely sold on it even before I entered, not only because many critics whose criteria I trust recommended it, but also because the people I played with (I love to play bards) told me that the main character reminded them of my way of playing... see? It can't get any better than that.

They have managed to transfer the tone of the role-playing games with lots of love and they have not been too annoying with the lore of Faerun (the world in which most of the official adventures take place), it has action and adventure and lots of humor, maybe it is too much indebted to Guardians of the Galaxy, but the result is very good anyway.

I'll see the sequel for sure.


On another subject, I'm finally back to my normal life after several weeks of going back and forth with the BlackHand&IronHead promotion and the...

Salón de Barcelona.

Views from the hotel room.

Yes, the Salón de Barcelona (Barcelona Comic Convention).

I read someone calling it "the best Barcelona show of the 21st century". I don't know if it got that far but I enjoyed it very much, but I can't be impartial either.

This year I was invited by the organization, with all the honors, an expo dedicated to my work that was spectacular (thanks Míkel Navarro) and VIP treatment, giant room with views and food to please a halfling.

I was very proud to show off my sketchbooks but I lacked a way for the public to flip through them.

I was very lucky because the Q&A I had with Monica Rex (what a talent!) was right in front of the expo and it was absolutely like playing at home.

I also had a great time with Joan Tretze and Andrés PSN at their Artist Alley booth, this year there were very few stores and you could only sign at the publisher's booths, so I asked them for a place to sign my stuff and they let me, not only their table, but their audience, these two are the best in the world.

Astiberri is also the best in the world, how well they work and how attentive they are to everything, and how nice they were to let Marcela sign her fanzines at their stand.

And the guys from Campamento Krypton, who invited me to share their microphones to talk about siblings in pop culture, obviously I told them about Nabiki Tendo.

But back to my review of the show: I regret not being able to spend more time with friends, I was working a lot and I even lost my voice, I had the round table with Cels Piñol on Sunday and I had no brain cells or vocal cords left.

I said a lot of "hey, hi!" but couldn't even drink a Coke with anybody.

In short, I don't know about the others, but I had a great time.


We made a video with Belén Culebras and rested during Easter Week.


The other day I found out that Guibo had drawn a portrait of me (and he didn't tag me).

And I realize that since we've been doing Streaming de Dibujantes, we've had some really cool portraits done!

I feel super honored that there are people who see us when we speak our nonsense, and the fact that there is someone who wants to dedicate his time to draw us, is beyond me... thank you very much.

Now we have to go back to normality, to draw some pages for Marvel... how crazy that "normality" is drawing superhero comics, isn't it?

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