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A very social week

Week 48/2021

They made me a meme, and it's funny because it's true.

During the week I've been finishing things and I'm already in full swing with BlackHand&IronHead which is a joy, but I would have made more progress if I hadn't been socializing with my buddies.

On Tuesday I received the visit of Álvaro Martínez who came to Taj Mahal to sign his comic book "The nice house on the lake", a great comic book, Álvaro is a star and a very nice guy, I enjoyed the whole day hosting him and Aleix Gordo, who also took the opportunity to visit Zaragoza.

Thursday morning I recorded at the Royale, Nico's bar, with the people from Atónitos Huéspedes a TV show that will be broadcasted in a couple of weeks, I'll let you know or I'll post a link with any news, they treated me very well, six people with their cameras, their spotlights and their attention to make me look good.

And I finished Saturday with Sara Jotabé presenting her comic book, "Quiero ser como tú" at MilComics, we had a great time, the book very cool too.

Attention because on Saturday December 4 at 18.30 I will make the official presentation of Dibujos&Mazmorras at MilComics together with Sara Jotabé and Nicolás Carbonell, or what is almost the same, Lúa and Kekoso in our game.

I leave here the buttons with stuff for you to buy if you want.


As always, for reaching the end there is a prize: the process of a New Mutants cover I did a while ago, with ink and on paper, I hope you like it.

I explain a little of the process:

  1. A sketch in which I mark the masses of grays and blacks, is the one that I get approved (or not) at Marvel. In this case the idea was clear and we were on the same page from the first moment.

  2. Once approved, I make a digital pencil that I will trace later. This step is very important because it allows me to correct without smearing the paper.

  3. I wanted to do the inking in a way that I could never use when I worked on paper, first the grays are given with wash and then the blacks that are needed with the tool of my choice, so I avoid overworking the line.

  4. a color separation with layers in "color" mode, but it looks a little weird.

  5. here you work on the same drawing with a texture brush and a thousand layers of gradient or whatever comes up, very experimental but a bit agonizing.

  6. finally, with the logos, the piece is definitive.

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